So, it's the start of a new year and even more excitedly, a new decade!

What I love about a new year is that it gives you an opportunity to reflect and see what growth, troubles, downfalls, gains, loses and achievements you've been through over 12 months and how much can actually happen in that time.

When it is a new decade, you reflect further... how much you have changed from then till now, what lessons you have learnt, which paths you took, who you hurt and who hurt you. Who you helped and who helped you. How you evolved and changed as you became different people as you adapted to different situations and how you found more of yourself as you went along, piece by piece.

Looking back, there are things I wish I could take back, but in the same breath I am grateful that they happened because I got to learn how I am in situations and how I don't want to be again... they helped me grow. There are times and moments I would want to live over again because they were just so great and so happy, though I am glad it happened once to make room to live new exciting moments. There were people it pained me to lose, but I didn't realize I needed it as much as I did, in order to move forward and experience new wonderful things. There have been people I have gained that I couldn't be more appreciative to have in my life. But you know how this all goes because really, it's beautiful, messy, painful, fun life.

We always write goals down at the end of December for the next year ahead and put them away and revisit them again the following December to see what we have achieved, and can I tell you something, more often than not I can tick off every one of them. This helps to start the year feeling accomplished because so much happens in between that you often don't realize that you are achieving your goals as it all starts to blend into one long day. I really advise everyone to try this, be realistic in your goals but dream a little... It also helps you highlight the parts that you want to focus on because it really needs to come from the heart to keep you seeing it through.

I just hope that 2020 brings a lot of great new challenges, success, happiness, growth, love and laughter for everyone and a lot of new clients I will get to meet and a lot of new places I will be able to see. I hope more people make this year about themselves and less about worry about what other people think or extending themselves so much, to their own detriment so that they may make another person happy. Be brave in the pursuit of YOU.

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