Family Festivities and Photographing Quality over Quantity

Christmas with the family can be CRAMPED.

Especially when you are trying to fit every soul under one roof for an extended period of time; that always feels waaay too long when it's happening, but incredibly short when it's over.

With the high possibility of agitation and bickering, due to the lack of personal space, I am always so in awe of when this incredible thing happens instead with family and/or people you consider family; As it just naturally becomes this time to reconnect, socialize, create new memories and reflect on how far you have come as a unit, as well as your individual journeys.

For photographers, it gives us this time to look at your family members in a different sort of light, almost as if you are an outsider observing in on these crazy dynamics and who each individual is and has fantastically evolved into, but without feeling "left out". I think that is just what starts to happen when you become a photographer, you simply cannot help but want to observe and want to document every single moment!

The worst part is, is that you feel like you miss out on so so many moments you wish you could've captured! Though....... I have a sneaky suspicion that when my battery eventually ran flat on Christmas day, the family were all more than relived! Or maybe it was just the synchronized "Thank goodness" that makes me suspect the relief. Can we just say: #familytoaphotographer #lifeistough...

Though in desperately wanting to capture every single moment on Christmas and not being able to, I realized that in all photo shoots; whether it be events, couple, individual or weddings. Moments will be missed. Not the big ones, and maybe not even the small ones you think the photographer never noticed, but some will be missed and it is not the end of the world. Not all moments will be snapped, and not every little detail will be documented. Unless the client specifically requests that.

Starting out, this idea is a bit daunting, but then I rather choose to think of it as "quality images" over "quantity images". If you spread yourself too thin trying to capture every bloody thing, you will look like a fire fly at a disco! (have no idea what that will look like, but just imagine crazy and pointless) If you pace yourself, observe and sometimes direct a few shots, you will get far more satisfying results, the client will be pleased and you didn't look like some pointless disco bug. So basically, do not sweat it if you miss every single moment, but focus damn hard on learning to get those quality shots!

Now, here is a photograph of my family for you to enjoy, it took me a few hours to round them all up for this, so I hope you do.

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