Second guessing...

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

When starting something that you are passionate about, it can be exciting and tough and your mind just runs wild with possibilities.

Eventually, as you conquer the basic steps, your mind starts to relax and reality starts to set in... and you start second guessing. You start to wonder if the work you've put in behind the scenes is good enough; You start to overthink if the value

of what you're putting out there is enough. If you have the right edge, eye, angle or style. You start to see the possible costs you'd have to endure in order to be seen as "more professional" or in order to expand, plus all the time and money you have already put in just to start, and so your big dream begins to feel frivolous and distant.

It is times like these that I decide f**k it.

This, I think, could apply to any new business owner or entrepreneur and dreamer. I am in no way an expert, nor will I pretend to be.. though this is from my experience and how I keep going: Instead of getting in your own head and second guessing all your hard work; remember that you were brave to even start and if you haven't yet, you better!

Remember that you are learning as you build, and that as you go, you will become more refined in your brand, style and niche. Think about the big name brands, they have adapted and re-branded or come up with new strategies as they grew...there is no secret recipe to making your business or dream a success. It's simply just starting, editing, learning and adapting as you go along, but do it consistently. The people behind the big brands are just that; people.... so why not you?

The entire journey is about learning and being ready to create new balances in your life... You'll have to calm your mind when you aren't an overnight success, but celebrate your small victories like you did become an overnight success. You'll have to spend money to make some, but not get caught up in making yourself flat broke in the process. You'll have to work extra hours but find time to get some rest... Make new goals, stay close to them so it keeps you on track. Though understand why and what went wrong IF you do not reach them, and with openness, revisit it and try again, with all the new experience you have gained.

The journey has been hard but rewarding so far, and I hope to look back on this blog post in a years time and know that I was on the right track. Equally, I hope this blog post inspires and possibly helps you!

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