Tips for individual shoots

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Here are some simple tips to remember before your big day!

  1. Practice your posing - Stand in front of the mirror and practice your poses, see what looks good and remember how that feels, and when your big day comes so that when you're in front of the camera and often cannot see exactly how it looks you can try and at least mimic something you know looks good.

  2. Get in the zone - Do what you can to get you into the zone, whether that is listening to music, watching videos on models that you admire or browsing through Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration; Try to get into the zone before your shoot.

  3. Don't sweat it if you're feeling tense - It's going to feel a bit intimidating at first when the camera is pointed at you, but be easy on yourself and breathe. You will slowly relax and get the shots you and the photographer want. If you start to overthink it and get nervous, your face and body language will translate that in the pictures. So ease into it and own it!

  4. Wear clothing that makes you feel confident - Generally speaking though, I also advise that you spray your favorite perfume or cologne, get yourself really done up and wear your best outfits or items of clothing, as it will all add in making you feel really confident and sexy!

  5. Bring your best - I have asked people to imagine that they are posing for a high end brand or magazine, this usually brings out their inner model(YES!). Though if you cannot imagine that you are posing for brands or magazines, act out in your head, either looking at a loved one or getting that promotion, anything that helps you bring your best. It may feel weird at first but it really translates well on camera.

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